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Our Approach

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Simple and Straightforward

We start every project with the same fundamental goal – to provide a simple and straightforward path toward the completion of your project. We are able to guarantee our quality because of the years of experience with our straightforward approach. There really is a difference.

No Hidden Charges

Too many times we see others’ projects run over budget and past deadline. We combine our years of experience to forecast realistic project expenses and timelines. Nothing is more frustrating than having your important project cost more and take longer than you expected. All of the projects’ expected costs are presented to you up front before the project begins.

When You Meet With Us, You Meet With the Owner

OnCall Remodeling is proud to be family owned. When you meet with us, you meet with the owner. No salesman will ever call. We keep our costs low and quality high by speaking directly with you on each aspect of your installation or remodeling project. Our ability to work directly with you affords you the advantage of getting professional advice and workmanship without the hassle of a middleman.